Trades in The City: Part II

3d288b8e-419f-4f8f-a075-4621aba4bac5Have you ever done something so stupid that it will affect you for the rest of your life?  Something that, at the time, felt so good, natural and compelling to do but once you’ve done it, you instantly regret it. Life is so complicated.  We must balance our wants and our needs and try to stay alive at the same time. We make foolish life changing decisions based on our emotions when we should have always stuck with pure logic.  C’est La Vi!


One of the “movers” that had just walked back in instinctively pulled out a glock automatic and took it off of safety.

“Bruh, all you had to do was keep the faggot’s blindfold on… WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” I can hear Hector chastising by the bathroom door.

“The fuck is you mad for, Ace? This nigga ain’t gone do shit!” he reassured Hector.

“Really man? Ace?!” Hector said slowly getting mad.

“My bad ‘Hector’… What’s the point of being discreet when we are going to end up taking care of the problem anyway?”

I felt a cold chill scan over my body. Fuck me!

“Brick, stop talking that fuckin’ shit and cover the nigga face, you sleep man!” said the man aiming the Glock at me.

“Alright alright alright… fucking chill man..” he said as he placed the blindfold back around me, making sure I’m secured. He smacked me hard and warned me that if I took it off again then I can’t be helped from that point.

“Who’s Next?” I can feel Brick saying to the others.  He was so deep in me that I can feel the vibration when he spoke.

Another guy spoke up in a similar Latin accent.

“Ok! Chainsaw crazy ass is next up to bat!” Brick said in a cheerful and motivating tone.

Chainsaw?!?! Crazy?!?!? This is turning into a twisted nightmare more and more.

I can feel brick placing a firm grip on me. He started to sharply thrust hard up into me.  He was trying to thump his nut out of him and into me. I felt so helpless laying there. I wasn’t allowed to speak or even move through the sharp pains. His strokes became harder and shallower before he roared as mighty as a lion.

“This nigga think he the Hulk or some shit… fuck outta here…” one of the “movers” joked, clearly making fun of his loud climax.

“You stay talking that shit with your tired stroke game and ya weak premature nut… ain’t nobody got fuckin’ time for that!” Brick wittily responded back.

“Man cut this shit out man, this is business!” Hector exclaimed cutting this shit short. “Chainsaw, you’re up.”

I can hear the crinkling as Brick passed a condom to Chainsaw.

“Fuck that! Look how fucking wide open this faggot’s asshole is… that shit is fucking gaping wide… shit is disgustin’ yo!” Chainsaw exclaimed in repulsion. “I just want my dick sucked for now.”

I can hear him taking off all his close before he climbed on the bed and guided me between his legs with my ass up. He had a firm grip on my head as he bobbed it on his very long and slim dick.  He wasn’t nearly as thick as Brick.  As he would force me to deep throat him, it wasn’t that bad at first; when he kept me down on the base of his dick that was a problem.

While still bobbing me, he broke out into what seemed like a rap lyric that he synchronized with my bobbing.  “Keep the pussy I got other plans instead, just…”

“Gimme some head! Gimme some head!” they all joined chorus before breaking into laughter.  The thunder in their masculine voices was fucking sexy, even in these circumstances.

Even though I couldn’t see Chainsaw I knew he was nothing to play with.  He was very strict with getting his dick sucked.  He would smack and chastise me every time I almost graze his dick.  I can feel the heat radiating from my face after his hard palm smacks.  I decided to cup my lips over my teeth to prevent this from happening again.  I can hear someone else pulling their pants down before climbing on the bed.  A cold hand gripped my neck from Chainsaw and unto his cock. This dick was fat and stubby. It had to been at least 8.5 inches. It was hard to widen my mouth to suck it. He kept forcing himself in my throat causing me to choke violently.  He would push me back on Chainsaw’s dick long enough to keep him warm, wet and hard before he would play “Indian giver”; wanting my wet mouth back. I guess he got tired of sharing and he picked up a rubber and placed it on him.

“Damn this rubber is fuckin’ tight on my dick.” He complained; he sounded white with a black accent. He mounted behind me and he really stretched my hole to another level. I grunted and moan with pain and pleasure.  Each one of their dicks was noticeably different and took some time to adjust to. All four men at this point have different sizes and dick textures.

I found myself getting pumped furiously from the opposite end.  Chainsaw pumping harder than the white guy.  He thrusted so deep in my throat it caused me to salivate more. He was thrusting and pumping sharply as if he was about to bust.  Until he let out a soft pleasurable sigh before he collapsed on the bed. I didn’t know he came initially until his juices began to slide back down from opening of my throat and I could feel his salty and warm syrup oozing down onto my taste buds.

“If I so much as to see one drop….” He warned.

That’s all I need to hear. I swallowed the rest. He left me alone with the white guy who threw me in every other position but would not let me ride him.  He exercised his manhood on me for a good 15 minutes before he climaxed.  They all came differently. I could tell the white guy was going to come a minute ahead of time.  He would make these sounds like he was Goku charging up before turning super-saiyen. When he became super-saiyen I felt it just as loud as I heard it.

“I can’t take these sounds man…” one of the “movers” let out in between his uncontrollable giggling fit.

“Man shut up!” white boy said before he threw off the condom and went to go clean himself off.

“Who’s next?” said Brick.

There were two guys left.

I can hear one of them reluctantly saying, “Naw, I’m good… that ain’t my type.”

Ouch. That hurt.  Even though this is “technically” rape and armed robbery.  It is never good not to be approved an accepted. That really actually bothered me that I wasn’t appealing to ALL of my robbers.  It’s crazy how your emotions can irrationally take over. I should be happy that there is one less anonymous dick I have to be burdened with.

“What about you? You in bruh?” Brick said to the other guy.

“I don’t know man… ya’ll fucking leaving me with the scraps. That shit ain’t cool.” The guy complained.

“Man quit bitching and do what you gotta do to keep him busy. We are about to head out and come right back for more.” He told the other “mover”.  “Make sure you keep an eye on him and make sure he don’t pull no funny shit!”

“I got you,” he complied.

I can hear them leaving with items before the door shut and wasn’t opened again.

The other guy that rejected me stated he was going to leave us alone and going in the living room to watch some TV.

I was then pulled to the ground and told to get on my knees.  The guy pulled off my blindfold.  He was a bright-light skinned African-American.  He was very attractive actually. I didn’t stay on his face for too long. My eyes traced to what was in his hands.  In his left hand, my cell phone is open and is asking for my pin. In his right hand, the glock automatic.

“What’s your password man? Hurry up!”

  • To be continued…

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