So Tell Me… How Bad Do You Want to Pass this Class? [NEW]


Leo is a freshman in college. He is naïve and still wet behind the ears.  He is six hour away from home and his family.  He is certainly very naïve of the intentions of society.  He is finally able to allow his hovering mother to allow him to stray so far for school.  This is the first time in his life that he is able to make his own decisions, set his own rules and be the author of his own life.  He decides to use his freedom to make the most of it.  He has four courses that he enrolled in during his first semester in college.  Rather than being seriously studious and proactive, he finds a group of so-called “friends” and begins building bad habits like: partying every night, excessive drinking and hard drug use.  The first half of the semester was like a blur.  He barely went to class; unless he knew an exam was imminent and never bothered to take his studies seriously.  He was able to wing it with three of his courses but the hardest course by far was Ancient History.  It wasn’t so much the subject as it was his professor.   Professor Davis is a good looking professor in his early forties.  He was tall, with an olive tan and muscular as fuck. He looked like a sexy and muscular Bruce Banner.   You can tell by his bodybuilder physique and the way he carries himself, you can tell that he is a stickler for certain things.   He is a very strict type of professor; the type of professor that will give you assignments on holiday weekends.  The type of professor that will kick you out of class for tardiness and cell phone use.   Even though he was the youngest of all of Leo’s professor, he was certainly the strictest.  Somehow it was a surprise to only Leo that after so many weeks of slacking off, he received a stone cold “F” for his midterms.   This sobered him up quickly. All he can think about is his mother finding out and forcing him to come back home to captivity. He was so desperate; he wasn’t willing to allow that to happen. So after class ended and everyone left, Leo approached Professor Davis to see what he can do to get his grades back up.  Professor Davis frankly told him that he is failing and there isn’t anything that will bring it up.  He also added that his attendance was beyond piss poor and, “you get out what you put in kid.” He says all of this while not even looking at him.  Professor Davis digs into Leo with no remorse as if he was Simon Cowell. Out of pure desperation, Leo pleaded for mercy.  The look in his eyes spoke volumes. Professor Davis scanned Leo’s body before agreeing to allow Leo to do some “extra credit assignments” to at least get up to a “C-“.  Professor Davis offered Leo the position of being the professor’s assistant.  His duty is to help grade papers, organize and do whatever it takes to help ease the load of Professor Davis.    Leo agreed to be Professor Davis’ assistant and agreed to meet up with him that night at his office, Friday of all nights, around 8:00 p.m. to grade exams.



So I show up on time to his office.  His office is in a separate office from his class; a building called ‘Tucker Hall’.  Tucker Hall was, aka ‘Fucker Hall’, is the building that the freshman’s whom were living in dorms on campus would come to fuck their brains out due to the doors remaining opens at all times.  Professor Davis is on the fourth floor.   As I coming in, I’m noticing he is a lot more relaxed than he normally is in class.  He has his dress shirt unbuttoned and his sleeves pulled up.  He looks very hot.  He instructs me to sit down and explains how I am to help grade the exams.  I get the gist and start to him grade the exams. I expected for him to be relatively silent throughout and focus on grading but he is inquisitive on my background, he asks me about my background and where I came from.  I am nervous at first about talking to a professor outside of the normal environment but I indulge him.  He talks about how he was when he was a student at this very school.  He tells me that even back then Tucker Hall was known as Fucker Hall.  He jokes, “If I gotten a nickel for every time I caught these kids fucking, I’d be retired by now.” I am thrown off on the fact that he cursed so freely. Usually he’s uptight and conservative.

“Come on, kid, Relax! You look like you have a bug up your ass!” Professor Davis joked again.

He then goes into his drawer and pulls out a set of cups and a half empty bottle of Hennessy.  He filled our cups just enough for a full shot.

“Come on kid, you got to relax!” he again suggests as he passes me my shot.

“Really?! you know I’m only 18 right?” I said to him in skepticism.

He ignores my question; he just wait for me to accept the drink as he gives me the stern look that I’ve come to remember in class.  So I accept the shot and take it with him.  And after 15 minutes and two more shots later, we were just talking as if we were the best of friends.  He stays on the subject of “Fucker Hall”.  He tells me of one particular time he was working in his office late.  He took a bathroom break and as he walked into the bathroom he witnessed two guys getting it in right there.  I acted shocked at first but he kept going on and on about. He keeps retelling the story this time he’s adding more and more detail. Details like he found the bottom bent over touching and grabbing his ankles for dear life.   He kept emphasizing how hard the top was fucking the guy.  He says it looked like he was in a trance and it was a slight delay before they realized that he was watching.  It was crazy because Professor Davis doesn’t seem homophobic about it, if anything he seems to be fascinated by the whole ordeal.  At this point I notice him grading the exams haphazardly; almost like he’s ‘Christmas treeing’ the right and wrong answers.

He says, “It was crazy to see that, I’ve never seen two guys get it on like that before.  It’s not something that you can forget.  It’s like what they say, a lot of guys come to college and experiment with other guys to see what it feels like.  Freedom of sexual expression they say, you know right? Like, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like when a broad has her lips wrapped around your swollen pole, but what if what they say is true? That guys gives way better head because he knows how it feels? You get where I’m coming from???”

I nod.  Still in disbelief on how sharp of a 90 degree pivot this conversation has turned into.

He continues his rant, “Times are changing.  Back in my prime those things were unacceptable but now in 2017, its becoming part of the norm.  Like how it once was back in Ancient Greece and Rome.  Did you know that in Sparta, they had a type of mentorship that the young Spartan warriors would serve as portable pocket pussies for the initiated and more honorable warriors when they were away from their women? It’s fascinating, the Spartans are one of the greatest warriors in history; true men in every sense of the meaning.  They had young neophytes on their knees sucking and appreciating their elder warrior that they strived to be one day; that’s how they honored men back in those times.”

By this time he has stopped grading the exams and his hands are lowered as he his stroking his hard dick through his slacks.

“Since we’re coming back to a renaissance of freedom of sexuality, we need to definitely bring back certain principals and ideologies…  Now let me be frank with you.  There’s no way that you can pass at this point.  Unless… I gave you extra credit assignments.  You’ve missed out on a lot up until this point.  You will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort until passing this class. You know you can’t go into your major without completing this prerequisites course don’t you?

“Yes Sir.” I stated somberly.

“So let’s cut to the chase. I don’t take it that you are the type of guy that is into girls.  I’ve seen plenty of fresh cunts pass your way and you don’t even pay them any mind.  On the other hand, guys like Jason Perez obviously draws your attentions from mine in class.  So… Right now my dick is rock hard and I’m all alone with a neophyte in “Fucker Hall”.  Grading exams is going to get you 5 points, that won’t get you nowhere.  But If I can give you 30 points, perhaps for participation, here and there, I suppose it would be possible to pass my class and not stain your GPA.  So what do you say? Are you up for that extra credit assignment?”

I comply. Even though we’ve been talking about sex for an hour and a half, it honestly didn’t dawn on me that he wants me to suck him off until he tells me to get on my knees.

“Good sport, so let’s start by moving your chair out of the way and then you can get on your knees right here in front of me.” He ordered.

Everything feels so surreal.  It feels like I am dreaming.  What are the odd that a handsome relatively young professor such as Professor Davis would let met blow him for extra credit?! The plot is just as sleazy as a vintage porno but yet he’s so serious right now.  He snaps me back into reality and I get on my knees.  He pulls down his black slacks and boxers and unveils his pretty fat dick. It is just as pretty as it is fat.  It is smooth and you can see veins all around it.  It has to be at least nine inches and a little fatter than my wrist.  I gently tug on it and caress it for a bit before I begin bobbing on it.  It feels just as smooth on my tongue and lips as it looks.  As soon as I take him into my mouth, he lets out a wave of relaxation.  It is the way he moans that makes me automatically hornier.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, even in porn.  I made it my mission to explore as much part of his fat dick as I can until I find the trigger that makes his moans so fucking sexy.  It takes a few intense moans before I realize that I must gently lick the back his dick head. That alone amplifies his moans of pleasure.  I try several variations of licking on him.  I get really good at it.  I can tell because he starts to have spasms in his dick and in his legs.  There is a point where things got real.  He cupped the back of my head and yanked it  down on his dick over and over again.  He throats me for a couple of minutes before he jabs his dick down my throat and unloads his seeds partially down my throat.  I start to choke and he releases a little bit; all the while he’s still unloading his thick cream.

“If you get any on my slacks, then consider that as you fucking failed both of your extra credit assignments tonight buddy!”

I seal my lips around his throbbing dick; waiting for his salty geyser to recede.  Eventually it does and I try to suck up as much fluid from his dick as it can so I won’t fail by default.  I lean up with salty cum still in my mouth, not knowing what to do from here.

“It’s alright, you can swallow it, and I don’t have any diseases or anything.” He states casually as he goes for a napkin to inspect his slacks and to wipe himself.  He continues, “I don’t know if you’ve ever sucked on another man’s cock before but you’re not half bad at it.  It’s really good to know that you’re living on campus and are a building away.  I believe that if you are dedicated and truly apply yourself, you can pass my class and go on to graduate undergrad.”

We got ourselves together and stopped grading the papers.  We were too tired.  He looked drained and my jaws were at the beginning stages of being sore from sucking for at least half an hour.  Since then I began to take his class more seriously.  I never missed a day of his class.  He stuck true to his word.  I made up enough extra credit to pass his class.  I help him out at least 3 times per week since our first extra credit assignment.  Even after our class ended, I still would peek into his office to see how he’s doing and see if he needed any “help”.  After awhile, he found another neophyte to help him out but he would still call on me to help him out, especially if I ever needed a good letter of recommendation.


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