Short Stories: Damon & Rod vs poor little Tim

tumblr_nu73zrusHu1qcrgoro1_540Damon and Rod were hanging out at Damon’s apartment one afternoon after playing basketball. Rain had interrupted their game so they decided to finish the match via NBA 2k15 on PS4. They were talking shit as they normally do:

“You’re gonna get tired of these nuts floppin’ on your face when I keep dunkin’ on your ass”

“You stay talkin’ that shit bruh, but you are always the main one calling out foul for some shit”

“Yeah yeah… talk yo shit”

The game went on and it was clear that Damon was getting his ass thrashed.

“Man fuck out of here… this game is cheating… damn controller keep laggin’ and shit”

“Excuses, excuses.. Did you know that excuses are the tools of the incompetent that builds monuments of nothingness…”

“Man, motherfuck you and that tired ass quote… trying to be a watered down Iyana Vanzant or some shit.. Fuck out of here!” They both burst into laughter

Damon was interrupted by a text. His eyes grew with amusement                       .

You know anybody name Tim, he asked Rod…

“Naw … I don’t think I do…”

“Are you sure?”

Damon pulled a couple of photos from his phone of a cute light skinned petite. He was bent over with his foot on the sink showing his pretty little asshole.

“Naw, I don’t know the kid… you got a face pic of him?”

He swiped to the next photo and Rod knew immediately who he was

“That’s my ex girl’s little brother man?”

“I know that…” he said in a dry tone.

“You fuckin’ him??


“Isn’t he too young?”

“Yeah he is young, he 18, he grown. He takes dick like he’s grown. Little man is a freak though. That boy loves to be dominated and roughed up.”

“You be doing him like that?”

“You bet your sweet ass I do!”

“I be having his ass suckin’ dick, toes, eat ass, smack him up… swallowing nut… whatever I please… and trust and believe he is a big pleaser. You ever had someone worship you like you was a living god? Shit feels surreal!”

“That’s crazy…”

“What? he likes getting dogged out.”

“I guess…” he laughed.

“So what’s up? You trying to get your dick wet … or nah?”

Rod looked back at the photo… he did have a nice inviting hole though and he did notice that his manhood was throbbing. For him, this was taboo. The thought of dominating another male never crossed his mind.”

“Man I don’t know, I ain’t trying to have your boy telling his sister about me”

Maaaaaan.. He is trying to get stuffed with dick, he ain’t thinkin’ about you like that… If it would make you feel better, I’ll blindfold him for you.”

He thought about it for a bit.

“Alright, alright… Fuck it, I’m Down”

“Cool, I’m about to tell him to come through…”


Damon got a text back 30 minutes later saying he is at the door.

“Ayo, wait right here, I’m going to get him ready for you…”

A couple of minutes go by and Damon comes back in the room, this time with lease in hand. What follows the lease is Tim crawling on his hands and knees. The blindfold was secured tightly around his eyes. The only other item of clothing he had on was red and black jockstraps.

“Sit bitch!”

Tim assumed the position. He got up on his knees with his palm on his lap.

Rod didn’t know how to process what he was seeing. He bust out in laughter. He couldn’t take it. His ex girlfriends little brother done got turned the fuck out.

“Are you serious right now?”

“Dead ass. He knows full and well that his purpose is to be used up and disposed of. His purpose is only for pleasing me. I use him solely as a tool for getting my strong nut out. I don’t get no push backs. I don’t reciprocate shit. His only purpose is to serve me and he really and truly loves it.”

Tim stayed in the “sit” position as if they weren’t talking about him.

“So… what you trying to do? He’s all yours.”

Rod thought about it. He really wanted to see if his mouth was just as good as his sister.

Rod whipped out his flaccid dick and flopped his meat on Tim’s lips.

“What that mouth do bitch!”

Tim opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out inviting him to dip his manhood.

Rod slapped him on his face with his dick a couple of more times before he stuffed his dick in Tim’s mouth.

“Shit!” Was all Rod could murmur. Tim’s mouth was so warm and so wet. True, he maybe 18 but you could tell he had been sucking guys off since before he came of age. Tim wrapped his mouth around Rod’s dick with such enthusiasm and softly started to passionately suck Rod off. Rod’s manhood started to expand in Tim’s mouth. Tim bobbed his head on the dick with such a distinctive and rhythmic way. The sounds of thunderous slurping and gagging made him grew fully erect and tender to the touch. He was feeling extra sensitive. He felt ever lick, caress and bob. He pushed him off twice for fear he was about to come cum early.

Damon gripped Tim by the waist and lifted him up to his feet and ordered him to spread his ass cheeks open.

“Keep sucking!” he ordered.

He disappeared into his closet and came back with a butt plug.

“The fuck is that for?” Rod inquired.

“He has got a little problem taking dick and this helps him a lot.”

Damon lubed up the toy and started to play with his hole a little with his finger before he replaced it with the toy.

Tim started to feel the sharp intensity of his hole stretching open. He cried out in pain.

Damon gave Tim a hard smack on the ass, “Shut that shit up!” he ordered.

He obeyed and whimpered as softly as he could when he started to feel is hole being stretched wider.

Once Damon got the butt plug secured in Tim’s tight hole, he stood up and pulled Tim off Rod’s piece mid-slurp and replaced it with his. Rod was a little relieved as he was going to blow his seeds all in Tim’s mouth at any second. Damon went to town on the kid’s throat. He gripped tightly to Tim’s head and thrust as hard as he could. You could hear his manhood violently banging his throat out. Damon wanted to show Rod how to really dominate.

Rod just sat there stroking the head of his dick while enjoying this presentation before his eyes. He was in awe at his best friend destroyed this kids mouth. All the while, the boy never protested to the rough treatment.

“Suck that fucking dick!” He commanded.

“Come on!”

“All the way down your fucking throat!”

“Fuck yeah! Good boy!”

“Come on boy, get that fucking dick wet”

Out of nowhere, he smacked the shit out of ole’ boy

“What your fucking teach man! This is my only time telling you that.”

Damn. My dick began to pulsate due to overheating when he did that. He had complete control over the kid. I wanted that too.

“I see that the ball is not the only thing you like to hog, huh?” I said with a devilish grin.

“Oh my fault bro.” he pushed the boy off his dick and on to mine.

“Grip his head and fuck him in the throat. If you think you feel teeth, smack the shit out of him. He should know better by now.”

Well damn. “Ight.” Rod replied

Once again, Rod began to feel his dick melting in this petite teen’s mouth. His mouth got hotter from the last time. I guess Damon done woke him up.

“You making love to him? FUCK… HIS… THROAT!”

Rod gripped the hook of his head and I begin to thrust blunt and vigorously. The first thrust took him off guard.

Damon gets up to his dress and retrieves a roll of magnum condoms and a bottle of lubricant and throws it on the bed. He then grips Tim by the waist and adjust him on the bed making sure his face is down on my dick and his ass is arched up in the air. He slowly maneuvers the butt plug out of his ass. Tim moans with excitement.

“Take a look at this man!” He exclaimed with delight

I looked at Tim’s ass which was now gaping and throbbing open. It seemed as though his ass was, in its way, pleading to have its void filled again.   The sight of his throbbing ass has gotten me mesmerized.

“I got to go first man!” I stated as a matter of fact.

Damon gave a gesture to concede to my demand. He handed me a condom and some lubricant. I then applied the condom and doused my dick and his hole with lube.

Rod’s dick was so hard from the impeding penetration; he didn’t even need to guide his dick by his hand in Tim’s hole. Rod slowly descended into his asshole slowly, almost in a teasing way. He went inch by inch, slowly in and slowing out.

“Damn daddy… you’re teasing my hole, fuck!” Tim shouted.

“You barely got the head in and he already hollering, this is going to be go good!” Damon stated in a chuckle.

Rod allowed Tim’s ass to get comfortable on his slim and long dick. he continued the short strokes, intentionally rubbing on his prostate with the head of his dick, Then when he noticed Tim got comfortable and open, he surprised him with a long and deep thrust.

“Ahhhhh SHIT!” Tim wasn’t ready.

“Damn that shit is hot as fuck!” Damon affirmed.

Rod continued to entice him with frequent shallow strokes and surprised him with a long deep stroke.

“Ahhhhhh, damn you got some good ass dick!” Tim looked to be in a crazed euphoric state.

Tim began to throw his ass back on Rod’s dick, meeting him with every thrust. They began to sync into each other, matching each other’s breathing and thrust. It began to intensify. Rod’s demeanor began to change and took on a demonic like manner. He was determined to have Tim walking funny

“Oh shit… Oh… Oh Shit… I think I’m about to cum!!!” Tim exclaimed

Rod grew confused by this statement as he clearly doesn’t see Tim stroking himself. What happened next surprised everyone in the room.

Tim’s hole began to get hotter and hotter. The involuntary spasms began to in a manner that massaged Rod’s dick in waves. Tim’s legs began to vibrate violently. He let out a cry and it felt as though the condom has dissolved. The formation of white cream began to glaze Rod’s dick. He moaned in pure pleasure. He has never seen anything like that in my entire life.

“Shit! That’s what I’m fucking talking about!” Damon muttered while giving his homie some dap.

Damon saw enough of the show and his dick began to dry up. He plopped on the bed in front of Tim and guided his head from the bed and onto his throbbing dick. He allowed Tim to get enough composure after the fierce eruption he just had. Once the orgasm full subsided, Damon gripped the back of Tim’s head and began to jerk his dick on Tim’s throat. He maneuvered his head in all different angles to feel his tongue and mouth all over his dick.

Damon looked up for a moment and was immediately enticed by 6 packs and a well defined v-cut rolling into Tim’s hole. He noticed Rod had a firm but gentle grip on Tim’s asshole and was using it to gain control of the overall rhythm. Before this moment, Damon never found his homie attractive in a sexual way. They have been through too much together but in this very moment, he saw his homie as unadulterated sex god. Sweat started to draw from Rods chest down to his 6-pack and disappeared below his well defined v-cut. The sight of Rod’s torso waxing and waning into Tim was too much for Damon.

“I’m about to cum… oh shit… oh shit…OH FUCK!”

He released the flood that overflowed and blocked Tim’s throat which caused him to choke.   Tim surprisingly didn’t drop any of it. He savored the warm and lightly salted cream that was in his mouth before the flavor subsided and he inevitably swallowed.

Damon patted Tim on the head as a gesture of gratitude for the good nut he just helped him release.

“Handle that man, I’m about to go in the kitchen and fix something right quick.” Damon stated before disappearing and leaving us to ourselves.

Rod flipped Tim on his back and began to enter his manhood into him in missionary position. Once fully inside, he rested his bodyweight and Tim’s. Chest to chest, they can feel each other’s body heat adjusting to one another. Tim must have liked it because is hole began to open up and moisten.

It did not take long before the intensity began to build up again. Rod began grip Tim’s head; using it as a leverage to fuck him harder. His thrusts grew more and more violent. Tim tried with all his might to run away from his dick. His dick became too strong. Too strong, even for him. His head lock was so strong that he could not budge. His only option was stay in the position that Rod allowed and take it.

“Why you running from this dick bitch?”

“You ain’t going nowhere! You will stay here and take my dick!”

Tim reveled in his assertiveness; he gripped Rods lower back in a way that penetrate him harder. Tim lay there for 10 more minutes feeling like Rod’s fuck toy. He found it exciting that he is having anonymous sex with someone he never met before (so he thought). He felt sweat dropping on his face. Their stomachs began to glide on each other due to the slick lubrication the perspiration provided. It felt so nasty and erotic at the same time. Rod slowed down for a moment and began to speed back up but now in a furious manner. All of his muscles began to tense up. It was evident that he was about to bust his load soon. He delivered severe punishment on Tim. It wasn’t long before he let out a roar as if he were an alpha lion.

“FUCK!” He exclaimed

Even through the condom, Tim could feel Rod’s dick pumping out the cum.

“Bravo Nigga!” Damon began to clap jokingly, standing at the door, enjoying the spectacle.

“You so stupid…” Rod barely could say as he grinned.

Rod took off the condom and started to throw it away when Damon stopped it

“Aye man, what you doing? We don’t spill seeds over here, we feed it to him.” He declared with a smirk.

Rod smiled, even though he just blew a hard load, the thought of feeding his seeds to Tim made his dick twitch. Rod too off the condom and slowly started to squeeze out his thick and transparent nut into Tim’s mouth. Tim cupped his tongue to capture as much cum as his tongue as he can hold. The remaining oozed down his throat to the point of no return.

“That’s hot!” Damon stated. “Are you done with him?”

“Yeah…” Rod replied as he put on his boxers and shorts and plopped back on the bed as though he was on the verge of a power nap.

“You heard the man, get the fuck out!” Damon commanded.

Still with the blindfold on, Tim got up quickly and attempted to walk out the door only to hit his face on the corner of the door.

Both Damon and Rod hollered in laughter.

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