Race Play

plantationretreat1Race play is a form of sexual role play in which consensual participants, of different racial backgrounds, intentionally uses racial epithets to reject all political correctness in favor of shock, sexual thrill and domination. For some, racially charged circumstances can be disparaging and humiliating. While for others, it can be extremely erotic. Race play is definitely not for everyone; especially those who are extra sensitive politically correct sympathizers. I am fucking tired of our country and media forcing political correctness (aka political propaganda and censorship) on us. As long as it doesn’t impede on anyone’s right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then there shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

tumblr_nqmirnreA41s0ic55o1_500I believe race play is a byproduct of subliminal prejudice. The African American community has an unwritten/spoken ideology that Whites “have” and Blacks “have not”. Too many Blacks may subconsciously perceive Whites to have better education, wealth, better careers, power of status quo, residing in secure and pleasant communities; and ultimately having an overall better quality of life. I’ve experienced that even the most “Pro-Black” individual who don’t care much for the “White man”, would still show the utmost respect in his presence. It’s also cemented in the Black subconscious thought that people of Caucasian backgrounds are the authority figure (i.e. Judges, Parole Officers, military, law enforcement and etc.). Whites, at least in America may have a subconscious perception of African Americans as well; even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. The African male is renowned for possessing amazingly brawny and toned physique, plump asses, smooth array chocolate complexions and generous cocks. Blacks are perceived as “aggressive” and dominant by nature. Some Caucasians may feel inferior compared against the African. Maybe he just doesn’t “measure up” if you know where I’m going. Maybe he isn’t as virile and can’t satisfy his partner to completion (let alone continuously). Perhaps there are some fear and jealousy, maybe some of the reasons why the Black male is being overly policed and controlled for so long in our history.

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tumblr_mppc801LXm1rwyf7ko1_400The porn industry has used Race Play for decades. There are plenty of porn websites where they depict a gang of Black thugs gangbanging America’s sweetheart (aka White Girl). There are some websites that depict White boys going into the most withering ghettos in search hunting for a “thugs” to offer up some cheap thrills in exchange for whatever change is in their pocket. If you are a victim of a disparaging epithet, it hits you to the core. It knocks your down a couple of notches. The purpose of using race play, in the BDSM community of course, is to degrade and weaken the will. When you weaken ones will, you in turn make them more submissive to you. I’m sure everyone has been thrown a disparaging epithet or at least heard it. Notice how it made you feel at the time. Before you may have been standing proud until the words were uttered and you feel inferior, less than, you felt as though you’ve been knocked down to your knees.   Yes, it is very crude and dark but I love it. Of course in all fantasies aside, every race has superior and inferior traits. In race play, the submissive will be the subject of the inferior stereotypes and Dom has vice versa. We should know that not all Black guys have larger than life dicks or meaty asses nor identify as aggressive “thugs”.   We also know there are plenty of white guys who are adorned with powerfully massive and thick cocks that can get hard enough to break diamonds. What are your thoughts on race play?

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