Understanding consensual slavery

slave tumblr_ntgryhZjqR1srn5oao1_500I want to clear up some misconceptions about consensual slavery. The concept of consensual slavery has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. It is not uncommon to hear of our ancestors consenting to be enslaved to pay off a personal or family debt. Consensual slavery in my perspective is a person who consciously consents to being the absolute property of to an authority. It’s almost like an extreme form of marriage. There are the same if you really think about it. The husband acquires the wife. She changes her name and her entire way of life for the covenant. She also takes a vow to “obey him, and serve him, love, honor, and keep him, in sickness and in health.”

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Understanding the gay submissive


submissive, in the dictionary, is an adjective describing someone who is inclined to submit to the authority of another; unresistingly and humbly subservient servant. [FYI: It is customary to lowercase a slave/sub title to emphasize inferiority while capitalizing the Dom/Master title to emphasize and express reverence.] In my experience in dealing with subs, they are very much enamored with pleasing and/or providing service to an authority figure. Some subs would drive hours just for a casual blow-and-go. One time, I gave another sub some rough and long-winded fucking action which lasted well over an hour. It was very intense for him during the intercourse. BUT the feeling of accomplishment that he felt after he endured my relentless beating was priceless for him. They can and opt to go above and beyond to satisfy another. I must say it is very much respectable and needed in our society. They balance us assholes out. They have a very domestic and maternal nature to them. I can only imagine that being a sub is parallel to being an Alpha male’s bitch. It almost remind me of the 1950’s household paradigm where the Husband would work to provide and regulate resources to his family while the wife stays home to clean, cook, nurture and perform other domestic obligatory duties to please her husband.

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Foot Fetish


tumblr_my5zgnmQ8K1ri6v92o1_1280 Having a Foot Fetish, also known as Podophilia, is a distinct sexual interest in the feet. It is the one of the most notorious of all the sexual fetishisms. For as long as I can  remember, I have always been captivated by another Man’s feet. Even more than I love playing with pretty toes, I love to get my toes sucked even more. Getting your toes sucked and licked on can be one of the most pleasurable feelings imaginable, provided that you can actually do it properly. The science of Reflexology seems to back that premise. I adore getting my toes sucked on slowly and gently, tongue swirling in soft circular motions. Proper foot worship can’t be done without adequate moisture. One of the most sensitive spots that bring excess joy is to lick between the toes. For me, nothing turns me on more than a sub kneeling at my feet as they massage and make love to my feet. I get lost in the moment especially if my sub and I’s eyes interlock. If you’re new to foot fetish and need some tips, I have few good pointers for my submissive to learn to please their dominant partner.

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Erotic Jockstraps

Even though jockstraps were originally worn to support your dick during sports, they are incredibly sexy to see. Jockstraps are definitely the male equivalent of a thong. I have always envisioned my sub wearing a collar, a set of ankle/wrist restraints complete with jockstraps… FUCKIN HOT! I love jockstraps on my boys because it conceals their inferior “penis”. Anyway, check out sexy designs:


Imprint Jock Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig Imprint Jock FrontalBlack and white never goes out of style. It’s a classic look that always feels modern and it goes with everything you own. This jock is bold and sexy. It’s made from Cotton & Spandex and is super comfortable to wear. The low rise sits perfectly on your waist. You will definitely get your use out of this style.


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Pup Play

tumblr_ngkwgxAcKx1tj0ra4o1_500When you first look at a sexual fetish activity, it can truly seem bizarre. Puppy play is no exception to that. Human pup play is simply a male losing his clothes and inhibitions and behaving like a dog to an extent. It’s a great way to break from the stress of the human world for a time by being a different being. There can be a deep intense role-play, with a pup exploring the world from all fours and forming a deep bond with an Owner. Or it can be light hearted fetish play

Human puppies like to simplify their desires and motivations as they embrace a new expression of themselves, one that is more animal and certainly less socialized human. As a puppy he can wag his tail, and lick his owner’s hand and show his feelings in new and direct ways without fear of judgments. It is one of the most thoughtful, playful, and sane BDSM scenes as it involves taking into consideration how you express yourself and behave as you let go.

Allowing someone to explore aspects of themselves may be fun, but what’s erotic about it? Sometimes it is pure role-playing with no erotic component, because when a pup is a sleepy pup, there is no sexual interaction. For others they may seek discipline in pup play so they experience dominance and submission which is the turn-on in and of itself. Woof!

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Someone who is service oriented is said to be a person who gains joy from providing aid to others. Service orientation is not a strictly sub quality.

Any skill set can be useful for personal growth and increased serviceability, however, the skill sets listed here tend to be commonly valued and associated with service orientation for subs.

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