Trades in the city: Hector

0b76d4d6-6830-44c0-99c7-a8eaae4ecb9bThomas is a recent transient to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.  He has been residing in Midtown for almost ten months now.  For the most part, he keeps a solitary life; he goes to work and comes home.  He has earned himself a well to do lifestyle due to his job.  He lives in one of Midtown’s most elite condos.  Thomas is in his early thirties, 5’9”, dirty blonde short hair, pale with a modest swimmers build.  Thomas grew up in an all white small town in Georgia where everyone knew everyone [‘s business]. He proudly identifies completely as a bottom.  He fears commitment and relationships.  He is used to the old school cruising scene of briefly meeting a masculine top to be used for his pleasure.  Thomas’ sexual appetite caused him to do reckless things in his past such as doing various anonymous sex sessions; but luckily, with the exceptions of a few health scares, he remained unscathed.  He gets his rocks off the most to be penetrated by someone he doesn’t know nor is ever going to meet; he prefers his penetrator to enter in his room, exploit his asshole and disappear as quickly as he came.    His sexuality is heightened the most when he feels completely vulnerable to a real man.  It has been a while since Thomas had a good anonymous fuck and he is really in need of some “direction” in his life due to the compounding stress that his job is putting on him.

After a hard day at work of getting thrown under the bus and reprimanded by his selfish bitch of a boss, Thomas was hell bent on allowing his fantasies to make him feel better.  So he cruises the usual: Jack’d, Grindr and A4A to find one of the few decent masculine tops left in the city.  He comes across a profile on Grindr of a very sexy tall and slim Latino.  His profile picture shows a selfie; his torso glazed with wetness after a hot shower.  Even though he has a towel secured around his waist you could still see his dark, hairy bush trailing to the base of his arrogantly thick tree trunk.  Thomas was locked on his target. Thomas messaged the hunk who responded back shortly.  The hunk, who goes by Hector, was a mover in the area; he had completed his move for the day and needed some time to burn to avoid the traffic jam.  After pictures were exchanged and appreciated, things escalated sexually very quickly.   Hector let him know, upfront, that he was straight but from time to time he fucks punks [gays]; “A bad habit he learned from jail,” he says.  Hector strictly wanted a private and discreet encounter.  No roommates. No lights! Hector continued to tell Thomas that for the sake of his family and his life, he prefers anonymous encounters. Thomas quickly let him know that he was looking for the same in anonymity.   They both conspired and agreed on how the session was to take place.  Hector explained to Thomas that he was going to leave the door unlocked.  He was directed to be securely blindfolded and positioned in doggy style, specifically head down/ass up, with a steep arch in his back.  Thomas complies and prepares.


It’s almost time before Hector is here.  I have made some final attempt to wash and tidy up before he comes.  After a last minute inspection, I climbed on my Queen Size bed and assumed the position as he stipulated.  Blindfolded with my head down and ass up with an arch; my hands near my ankles.  I might have been in this position for what felt like five minutes when I heard the main door open.  I heard his steps grow closer and closer towards the bedroom before I felt his large warm and calloused palms groping my ass, he squeezed my ass and sharply smacked it intermittently.  I heard him unzipping his pants before I really felt something heavy and hot smack up against my ass.  His dick had a lot of weight and heat to it.  I could feel my asshole involuntarily pucker up in reaction to him sliding his shaft on my hole. After he was done feeling me out, he yoked my neck around in a way that suggested he wanted me to suck him off.  I turned around, still in doggy style, and began to start licking and sucking on him.  He adjusted the arch in my back as I slobbed on him. I could hear minor sounds in the back ground that I wasn’t used to hearing in my home. I didn’t think anything of it. Hector began to moan in pleasure and talk dirty over the minor sounds.

“I know you fuckin’ love the taste of that Rican dick in your mouth bitch. Eh?” He declared in his deep and heavy Latin accent.

I didn’t mind his “Machismo.”

“Suck it like you want to fuckin’ drink my babies.”

“You fuckin’ playing with me bitch! If you not serious about suckin’ Papi’s fuckin’ pinga then I’m going to have to find another pink maricón who can really do it?” He taunted as he started to jerk my head harshly on his dick.

I wasn’t sure what maricón meant at the time but the threat of possibly not getting more of this dick on the regular was threat enough. I tried to suck him off better. I tried applying more tongue pressure and more saliva which caused loud slurping sounds.  The vibrating from the slurping must have done the trick because he wasn’t as aggressive.

It wasn’t long before he flipped me back around and reached for his pocket to get what sounded like a condom.  I could hear him slipping the condom on and applying lube that I left for him on the night stand.  After three painful attempts he was able to stuff his 9.5” dick inside of my ass. After he began to build up his rhythm, I could literally feel the electricity running up and down my spine before it projected out into my body. I felt the veins of his dick as he thrusted into me.  He fucked me like the survival of his bloodline depended on it.  There was no intimacy; no passion.  I felt like an object to him and I loved every moment of him.  Being blindfolded for a long time started to produce vivid illusions, visions and fantasies within me while I was getting penetrated by Hector.  I thought back to the comment he made about “learning this bad habit in prison”.  I allowed my thoughts to drift into what it would be like being Hector’s personal prison bitch; that thought alone made my ass twitch involuntarily.  His rhythmitic strokes multiplied my pleasure. His dick was so long. Although it felt great, it felt like he was stabbing me. He paused and, I guess, adjusted himself before he  flipped me on my back and planted my feet on his obviously muscular chest and he proceeded to really go in on it. It was strange at first because he felt way bigger on my back than in doggy style position.  It was more comfortable in missionary.  I was trying to focus on what was happening to me but those damn annoying sounds were really distracting me.  It was getting louder and stranger before stopping abruptly.  Something was urging me to remove my blindfold and after a few minutes I went with my gut.  When I removed my blindfold I was confused and shocked.  When I removed the blindfold, I wasn’t greeted by Hector the Latino. I was greeted by this muscle-bound black guy.  I could barely get a good look of his face since it was dark and his dreadlocks covered over his face.  Honestly, I’m not racist or nothing, I just never have been attracted to black guys sexually.  Now I am alone with the most threatening looking black guy. I looked over and I see a guy that appears to be of Hector’s demographic.  He was in the bathroom washing himself off.  I then notice a used condom on the bed. In the range of looking at this anonymous black guy on top of me, to Hector in the bathroom washing himself off, I notice my room was significantly bare than it was before I slipped on the blindfold.  The confusion grew more and more and into cold fear when three more strange men came in dressed in what appeared to be a standard mover’s uniform.  I hadn’t even noticed another guy in my closet sorting what appeared to be my clothes out.  The black guy who was still thrusting into me gives me a sinister smile when I obviously gave a look like I’m in deep shit. I was too scared to move, to speak, to breathe, to think, to even be present in this room. I wanted to escape.

I mustered up enough courage but still managed to cowardly ask, “… uh… what’s [stuttering] going on here…?”

They all, with the exception of my penetrator, stopped what they were doing and glared at me.

  • To Be Continued…

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