Pup Play

tumblr_ngkwgxAcKx1tj0ra4o1_500When you first look at a sexual fetish activity, it can truly seem bizarre. Puppy play is no exception to that. Human pup play is simply a male losing his clothes and inhibitions and behaving like a dog to an extent. It’s a great way to break from the stress of the human world for a time by being a different being. There can be a deep intense role-play, with a human pup exploring the world from all fours and forming a deep bond with an Owner. Or it can be light hearted fetish play

Human puppies like to simplify their desires and motivations as they embrace a new expression of themselves, one that is more animal and certainly less socialized human. As a puppy he can wag his tail, and lick his owner’s hand and show his feelings in new and direct ways without fear of judgments. It is one of the most thoughtful, playful, and sane BDSM scenes as it involves taking into consideration how you express yourself and behave as you let go.

Allowing someone to explore aspects of themselves may be fun, but what’s erotic about it? Sometimes it is pure role-playing with no erotic component, because when a pup is a sleepy pup, there is no sexual interaction. For others they may seek discipline in pup play so they experience dominance and submission which is the turn-on in and of itself. Woof!

What is puppy play?

tumblr_niso37ztcl1slpn4uo2_500Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. It’s not necessarily a sexual play, for some it might be, for others it a release of the animal part of them.   What it’s not is bestiality: real animals are not involved. For many human pup play is not humiliation but rather enjoyable, relaxing, and often empowering. The pup tends to be a center of attention, care and love. A very intimate and special bond can be found between pup and handler.

What are the roles in puppy play?

tumblr_nk62jjUrpE1sp41cbo1_500There is no authoritative list of the roles in puppy play, but the most common names and meanings are these:

Dogs are more interested in the dog persona: barking, being on all fours, the physical aspects of being a dog.

Pups are more about the canine head space then the physical, though physical aspects may and do come into it as well.

Alphas are the more aggressive, dominating pups. They will pose themselves as pack leaders, but will often also look after the pups in their pack.

Handlers are anyone the takes care of a pup. The one holding the leash per se.

Trainers train the pups to behave, do tricks. Trainer and Handlers may overlap.

Masters are usually the same as in other BDSM roles, they own the pups, and may or may not take part in the other roles.

What is needed for puppy play?

tumblr_njnt7bYhXc1slpn4uo2_500For most, puppy play is primarily a headspace. It is about a pup mentality, where your world consists mainly of what’s within four feet of the ground. Puppy play is cheap and can be done with a minimum of gear. That said, there is some gear that helps maintain headspace.


A collar may be the most important part of gear for a pup. Besides providing a place to put a leash and a tag, wearing a collar helps immensely in putting a pup into the proper headspace


A more practical consideration than anything, a cheap pair of knee pads from home depot will help keep your pups knees from being chewed up and allow for longer play.


Paws help keep a pups hands restrained, preventing them from being used like a humans and also serving to protect hands during extended play.


A muzzle helps prevent a pup from using his human voice, and serves to make him look more dog like. Hoods look even more dog like (some are very realistic) and are usually less restrictive.


Every pup needs some good chew toys to chase. The best toys are soft, human teeth are not dog teeth. Hard toys like bones and rawhide shouldn’t be used.


A large dog bowl is best. A human pup’s snout isn’t as long as a real pup’s.

How do I get started as a pup?

tumblr_njvoh2wJVR1slo0cfo1_r2_400Get on all fours and start barking! It is not always easy for a pup to get started with his puppy head space. All pups are different, so what works for one may not work for others. The most useful thing may be to try and think like a dog thinks.
When you see a ball, you want to chase it. When someone gives you a treat you wag your tail (wagging your butt is acceptable). Human speech doesn’t mean much to you, except maybe “good boy.” There are very little worries when you are a puppy.
You do not necessarily have to be on all fours to be in pup head space. Many pups maintain a sort of pup head space even when they are at work, in the car, or at the store. It is about keeping a carefree, joyful mentality; and growling at the occasional squirrel.

How do I get started as a Handler?

tumblr_ngk6dbceRl1tv3yvjo1_1280For the most part, when you are handling your pup treat him how you would a biological puppy. Pet him, play with him, and tell him he’s a good boy. There is nothing greater than having the joy and love you give your pup reflected back to you from a wagging tail and a lick on the cheek.
Some of the best guides for training are regular old puppy training guides you get from the pet shop. Make sure your pup tries to use his puppy mentality and not his human (humans learn tricks too fast). Do keep in mind however that your human puppy is not the same as a biological one and cannot do all of the same things his counterpart can.

Should I give my human pup dog food?




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