Foot Fetish


tumblr_my5zgnmQ8K1ri6v92o1_1280 Having a Foot Fetish, also known as Podophilia, is a distinct sexual interest in the feet. It is the one of the most notorious of all the sexual fetishisms. For as long as I can  remember, I have always been captivated by another Man’s feet. Even more than I love playing with pretty toes, I love to get my toes sucked even more. Getting your toes sucked and licked on can be one of the most pleasurable feelings imaginable, provided that you can actually do it properly. The science of Reflexology seems to back that premise. I adore getting my toes sucked on slowly and gently, tongue swirling in soft circular motions. Proper foot worship can’t be done without adequate moisture. One of the most sensitive spots that bring excess joy is to lick between the toes. For me, nothing turns me on more than a sub kneeling at my feet as they massage and make love to my feet. I get lost in the moment especially if my sub and I’s eyes interlock. If you’re new to foot fetish and need some tips, I have few good pointers for my submissive to learn to please their dominant partner.




  • Suck on his toes slowly and gently never pull to hard with your lips. Circular motions are the way to go.





  • Looking at your Dom from time to time brings excess pleasure to him.





  • Foot Fetishism is all mental. To heighten the pleasure, the submissive must focus on the five senses. E.G. The texture of you sole feels so good brushing up against my tongue. Sir, your feet smells so MANLY!





  • Give each to its equal attention.







tumblr_mvplx1ZyAx1swk341o2_400• Give each to its equal attention.









  • Again, it’s all about the mental. Create a show for your Dom.








  • If you’re on the receiving in on an awesome toe job, its help to give orders here and there just to make sure your sub is doing everything to your liking. I.E. “Put my entire foot in your mouth boy.”




tumblr_mimdkqbrNZ1rvf5gko1_500My subs by default must indulge in this fetish.

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