The Anti-Christ: Part 1

desktop-1421254220Phillip is a 22 year old serving a 35 year sentence, at a maximum security prison, for statutory rape, molestation and child porn; he has no possibility of parole. He has endured unimaginable and sadistic abuse by his tormentor since his incarceration. He is a creep the prisoners and the COs call the Demon. It doesn’t take long to realize that everyone in the prison is deathly afraid of him. The Demon’s frightening appearance is unsettling. He is about 6’4” 240lbs. of pure lean muscle. Everything about him emphasizes bully. His body is riddled with all kinds of disturbing tattoos. Even his face and head is covered in tattoos. His tattoos contain mostly offensive, crude and blasphemous images and words. The most chilling trait about him is his eyes; he truly has the eyes of a stone cold killer. They are dark and void of any light. When the Demon stares at you, it feels as if you were staring face to face with a venomous snake. Phillip was all but given to the Demon on a silver platter due to Phillip’s victim’s uncle being a highly respected state senator. The victim’s uncle continuously pulls strings throughout the state and the prison to make sure Phillip suffers, in the worst way, at the hands of the Demon for what he has done with his nephew. Phillip finds himself lying on the bottom bunk, bound by his ankles and wrist with bed sheets that have been maneuvered into very reliable restraints. He is getting fucked savagely by the Demon. Phillip always looks away from his bully; he is so terrified that he can’t bear to stare the Demon in the eyes. The Demon is fucking him so viciously, it is nearly impossible for the COs and the prisoners not to hear it. No one has ever come to Phillip’s aid; truth is, they are intentionally looking the other way. He is only 3 days in and he has been used and degraded far more than anyone can ever imagine. All he can think of is that he has 12,772 days left of this hell that he is experiencing. His mind drifts back and forth while he’s being degraded and fucked all over by his newfound Lord and Bully. He finds himself being the only cult follower in this newly found religion that he has involuntarily joined. His mind often drifts back to the moment that changed his life forever.

It all started in church of all places.  My mother is a devout Christian.  She would go to ever church event if she could help it.  And since I’m the only one that can drive in the home, she drags me to every function.  Most of the time I would end up taking her to bible study on Wednesdays.  My mom would try to get me participate but I always try to find a way out of it.  I would spend my time browsing Tumblr for hot guys before I transitioned over to Grindr to see who was close by.  I was surprised once the app loaded that there was a guy 0.01 miles away.  He must be here as nothing else is close by.  He said on his profile that he was 18 years old, 5’10 and 150 pounds.  He had a swimmers body from the look at his pictures.  Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to message him.  He responded shortly and we began to chat and exchange pics.  Once we liked what we saw, the conversation transitioned to more vulgar subjects.  He told me he was a top and he was looking for fun.  He told me he was in the mood to get blown and to meet him in the bathroom.  I found a quick reason to excuse myself to go to the bathroom; and once I open the door there he was.  We hooked up instantly.  I ended up giving him a quick blow job to completion.  After that session, we started to build up a habit of hooking up every time were at church at the same time.  Throughout the week he would send videos of him stroking his fat dick before cum shot out of it.  I sent him a few pictures to encourage him as well.  We continued to mess around during bible study for about a month and half before we got caught.  As it turns out, it didn’t take long before one of the deacons recognized our pattern of going to the bathroom consecutively for extended periods.  Since there weren’t many men that came to bible study, there was hardly anyone that came to the bathroom.  Knowing this we thought we could get more bold.  We decided to skip going into the stalls and do the do right there by the sink near the door for any man to potentially see.   We thought the likelihood of the door opening was slim but the risk added to the excitement.  The last thing I could remember, I was on my knees blowing him, I could hear the door open before the guy I was sucking pushes me off of him suddenly.  When I looked up it was the deacon who appeared to be at a loss for words.  The amount of fear and dread that showered over me was overwhelming.  It caused me to shake uncontrollably.  The deacon immediately yelled for help and eventually more and more people came to see what was going on.  Once the pastor came in, the look on his face was devastating.   As it turns out, I was hooking up with the pastor’s son.  And to add insult to injury, he’s a minor; he fucking just turned 16.  I was held in the bathroom until the cops came and arrested me. This scandal quickly became the biggest story to hit our small town in a long time.  It completely humiliated my mom.  They shunned her from the church as well as much of the community which really tore her apart.  The last time I heard from her, she gave me a hateful speech condemning me to eternal hell before cutting me off indefinitely.  The “church sex scandal” appeared in the news several times a week for weeks.  The very high profile case brought even more notoriety due the “victim’s” family having high status in the state.  Not only was his father the pastor and a community organizer.  His uncle turned out to be a powerful state senator with connections in the state as well as Capitol Hill. His conservative uncle made it his agenda to see what he deemed as justice.  He went on a campaign to slander my mother and I.  He had gotten enormous sympathy and support from everyone; from his constituents to fellow state officials.  I honestly wasn’t surprised when they found me guilty of every charge they threw at me.  And they threw the book at me.  The judge ordered me to serve 35 years in prison without the possibility of parole. The harshest sentence anyone’s has ever received for that type of crime. I remembered being numb when I received my sentencing; and that numbness never left.

When I arrived at prison, I noticed that some of the correctional officers were taking special notice to me. They were talking amongst themselves while giggling in my direction.  It obviously made me nervous as I had no clue why I would get their attention.  I was well aware of what prisoners did to sex offenders like me.  After orientation, I was taken to the cell block that I am to be residing in for a while.  As soon as I enter the block, all eyes were on me; from the prisoners to even the correctional officers. The closer I got to my cell, the quieter it got.  Once we got to my cell. The nervous correctional officer fidgeted his keys around before he got enough control to unlock the door. He immediately pushed me in before closing it behind me.  I was thrown off by his awkward responses.  It wasn’t until I was locked inside the cell that I realized what aroused his fear.  Once I tried to focus my eyes on my new cell, I immediately noticed a tall and muscular guy riddled with strange tattoos stroking his throbbing dick on the bottom bunk. It didn’t seem like he cared if I was there or not.  Even though he looked scary as shit, he had a nice slim and long dick. It looked about 9.5” long cut.  My cellmate was stroking his swollen rod with both of his hands while staring up at what appeared to be a picture that was taped at the ceiling of the bunk bed.  I stood there not knowing what to say before his eyes shot to me.  You could literally feel his piercing eyes.  He gave me a long sharp stare before he stood up and approached me.   He swats my belongings that I was holding off to the side and he begins to inspect me.  He starts to feel me out, groping my soft meaty parts.  I tried to resist him but he smacks the shit out of me.  He then jacks me up by neck and lifts me to his eye level.  He gives me a stern look as if taunting me to resist him again.  I take his message and immediately let my body go loose and limp for him.  He releases and I am dropped to the ground.  It doesn’t take long before I notice that he treats me like a human doll.  He starts to peel my clothes off and puts me in specific positions as if I were an inanimate object.  All the while, no words were spoken; I honestly don’t know what he sounds like or anything.  Once he gets me naked and inspected me further, he then pushes me onto the bottom bunk.  I suddenly get this weird feeling that I was going to be violated.  I instinctively looked back and yelled “HELP!” for dear life. I saw what I thought was a correctional officer peeping in to monitor what was going on.  Whoever he was, he disappeared as soon as I saw him.  I know I was loud enough to be heard but still no one came to my aid.  He pushes me on the bed spread my legs apart.  He then hawked a big loogie into his hand and massaged his dick with it before slipping his lubed dick into my tight ass.  I knew the possibility of someone with my conviction of being raped in prison was high, but I never anticipated on getting violated in less than 20 minutes of meeting my cell mate.  The pain of him thrusting into me is unbearable. I only got fucked once before this.  I stopped it as soon as I felt pain but I have no choice to stop here. My rights as a citizen were revoked once I became a prisoner.  He shoves my head into the pillow to help muffle my shrieks as he continues to dig into me.  He starts off fast and rough.  It feels like eternity. I could just hear him grunting like a wild animal.  He keeps going faster and faster and faster before I hear him growl furiously.  I feel several hot loads shooting into me.  He pumps a few more times before he pushes me off the bed and on to the floor while he collapses where I had laid.   I spent the rest of the night going into the morning, in a daze, in a fetal position on the floor replaying what just happen…
-To Be Continued.

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