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I identify as a chauvinistic androcentric alpha male. I am dominant; I am the prize.  I have taken the Red Pill and I declare that I wholeheartedly reject all feminizing ideologies.   I come from a world when real androcentric alpha men rule the land.  I believe that bottoms and submissives were made solely to serve, obey and please.  I believe in order for any relationship to exist there must be polarity set in place.  I established this site to explore the art, science, psychology and spirituality of Dominance and submission at play.  My ultimate manifestation is to be in a committed total power exchange relationship.

Until then, I prefer to network and indulge in conversations with self-identifying submissives and/or slaves whether you are near, far or abroad; Dom’s you are more than welcome to chat as well.  Feel free to contact me; I’m either on KIK IM (theartofmaledom) or you can contact me through Tumblr IM.  To the subs/slaves: NEVER APPROACH ME SEXUALLY.  It is up to me whether or when we go down that path.

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