So Tell Me… How Bad Do You Want to Pass this Class? [NEW]


Leo is a freshman in college. He is naïve and still wet behind the ears.  He is six hour away from home and his family.  He is certainly very naïve of the intentions of society.  He is finally able to allow his hovering mother to allow him to stray so far for school.  This is the first time in his life that he is able to make his own decisions, set his own rules and be the author of his own life.  He decides to use his freedom to make the most of it.  He has four courses that he enrolled in during his first semester in college.  Rather than being seriously studious and proactive, he finds a group of so-called “friends” and begins building bad habits like: partying every night, excessive drinking and hard drug use.  The first half of the semester was like a blur.  He barely went to class; unless he knew an exam was imminent and never bothered to take his studies seriously.  He was able to wing it with three of his courses but the hardest course by far was Ancient History.  It wasn’t so much the subject as it was his professor.   Professor Davis is a good looking professor in his early forties.  He was tall, with an olive tan and muscular as fuck. He looked like a sexy and muscular Bruce Banner.   You can tell by his bodybuilder physique and the way he carries himself, you can tell that he is a stickler for certain things.  

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The Anti-Christ: Part 1

desktop-1421254220Phillip is a 22 year old serving a 35 year sentence, at a maximum security prison, for statutory rape, molestation and child porn; he has no possibility of parole. He has endured unimaginable and sadistic abuse by his tormentor since his incarceration. He is a creep the prisoners and the COs call the Demon. It doesn’t take long to realize that everyone in the prison is deathly afraid of him. The Demon’s frightening appearance is unsettling. He is about 6’4” 240lbs. of pure lean muscle. Everything about him emphasizes bully. His body is riddled with all kinds of disturbing tattoos. Even his face and head is covered in tattoos.

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Trades in The City: Part II

3d288b8e-419f-4f8f-a075-4621aba4bac5Have you ever done something so stupid that it will affect you for the rest of your life?  Something that, at the time, felt so good, natural and compelling to do but once you’ve done it, you instantly regret it. Life is so complicated.  We must balance our wants and our needs and try to stay alive at the same time. We make foolish life changing decisions based on our emotions when we should have always stuck with pure logic.  C’est La Vi!


One of the “movers” that had just walked back in instinctively pulled out a glock automatic and took it off of safety.

“Bruh, all you had to do was keep the faggot’s blindfold on… WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” I can hear Hector chastising by the bathroom door.

“The fuck is you mad for, Ace? This nigga ain’t gone do shit!” he reassured Hector.

“Really man? Ace?!” Hector said slowly getting mad.

“My bad ‘Hector’… What’s the point of being discreet when we are going to end up taking care of the problem anyway?”

I felt a cold chill scan over my body. Fuck me!

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Trades in the city: Hector

0b76d4d6-6830-44c0-99c7-a8eaae4ecb9bThomas is a recent transient to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.  He has been residing in Midtown for almost ten months now.  For the most part, he keeps a solitary life; he goes to work and comes home.  He has earned himself a well to do lifestyle due to his job.  He lives in one of Midtown’s most elite condos.  Thomas is in his early thirties, 5’9”, dirty blonde short hair, pale with a modest swimmers build.  Thomas grew up in an all white small town in Georgia where everyone knew everyone [‘s business]. He proudly identifies completely as a bottom.  He fears commitment and relationships.  He is used to the old school cruising scene of briefly meeting a masculine top to be used for his pleasure.  Thomas’ sexual appetite caused him to do reckless things in his past such as doing various anonymous sex sessions; but luckily, with the exceptions of a few health scares, he remained unscathed.  He gets his rocks off the most to be penetrated by someone he doesn’t know nor is ever going to meet; he prefers his penetrator to enter in his room, exploit his asshole and disappear as quickly as he came.    His sexuality is heightened the most when he feels completely vulnerable to a real man.  It has been a while since Thomas had a good anonymous fuck and he is really in need of some “direction” in his life due to the compounding stress that his job is putting on him.

After a hard day at work of getting thrown under the bus and reprimanded by his selfish bitch of a boss, Thomas was hell bent on allowing his fantasies to make him feel better.  So he cruises the usual: Jack’d, Grindr and A4A to find one of the few decent masculine tops left in the city. 

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Equality is Polarity

553495_404660236257164_1869125957_nOne of the biggest fallacies that I have come across in the gay community is this idea of “compromising” and “equality” in relationships.   The premise that: success in any relationship is dependent on the will to mutually compromise every time. This concept alone is the reason why the gay community has an extremely high relationship failure rate.  We fail to realize that the world, as well as the universe that it was born from, is made possible through polarity.  Everything in life has binary components; 1’s and 0’s; on and off; light and dark; summer and winter.  No matter what situation, there is always a masculine and feminine principle that makes everything work. 

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What Dominants can learn from Pimps.

Pimp SnookyPimps are traditionally defined as: men who manage their prostitutes (hoes) and procure clients for them, taking a portion, usually all, of their earnings in return. Pimps have been around for as long as the trade of ass for cash.

I know what you are probably thinking… Probably that I am reaching really high for observing the similarities between the two. The truth is that they are very much a lot of similarities between the Pimp Game and BDSM. The Game is just as organized and devout in corporate America as it is in the streets.

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Chaturbate: Sign-up for FREE and rub one out with live sexy guys!

I fell in love with chat sites!

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I’ve recently signed up for chaturbate. I originally thought it was some virus filled pop-up site that you pay to watch models on web-cam but it turns out to be the opposite.  Sexy ass men, anonymous or face wide open, on their webcams doing enticing sexual favors for audiences delight. Most importantly, ITS FREE, absent the B/S.


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Short Stories: Damon & Rod vs poor little Tim

tumblr_nu73zrusHu1qcrgoro1_540Damon and Rod were hanging out at Damon’s apartment one afternoon after playing basketball. Rain had interrupted their game so they decided to finish the match via NBA 2k15 on PS4. They were talking shit as they normally do:

“You’re gonna get tired of these nuts floppin’ on your face when I keep dunkin’ on your ass”

“You stay talkin’ that shit bruh, but you are always the main one calling out foul for some shit”

“Yeah yeah… talk yo shit”

The game went on and it was clear that Damon was getting his ass thrashed.

“Man fuck out of here… this game is cheating… damn controller keep laggin’ and shit”

“Excuses, excuses.. Did you know that excuses are the tools of the incompetent that builds monuments of nothingness…”

“Man, motherfuck you and that tired ass quote… trying to be a watered down Iyana Vanzant or some shit.. Fuck out of here!” They both burst into laughter

Damon was interrupted by a text. His eyes grew with amusement                       .

You know anybody name Tim, he asked Rod…

“Naw … I don’t think I do…”

“Are you sure?”

Damon pulled a couple of photos from his phone of a cute light skinned petite. He was bent over with his foot on the sink showing his pretty little asshole.

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Race Play

plantationretreat1Race play is a form of sexual role play in which consensual participants, of different racial backgrounds, intentionally uses racial epithets to reject all political correctness in favor of shock, sexual thrill and domination. For some, racially charged circumstances can be disparaging and humiliating. While for others, it can be extremely erotic. Race play is definitely not for everyone; especially those who are extra sensitive politically correct sympathizers. I am fucking tired of our country and media forcing political correctness (aka political propaganda and censorship) on us. As long as it doesn’t impede on anyone’s right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then there shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

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Aneros Prostate Massager

prostate-massage-animationProstate massage or prostate milking is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation, often in order to reach orgasm. The prostate is sometimes referred to as the “male G-spot”. Some men can achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse, and men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females’ accounts of G-spot stimulation. Prostate stimulation can produce stronger and more powerful orgasms than solely penile stimulation.

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